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“Fingers fanned out at chest level, terry-cloth band on his wrist, leaning back slightly, [Julz A] strikes a classic rapper’s pose despite playing an instrument that has been relegated to Dorkville at least since the Beatles.”

— Andrew Adam Newman, New York Times

“Julz-A might best be characterized as a fringe artist who seamlessly combines his musical prowess with showmanship and an offbeat sense of humor…he has somehow taken my preconceived notions and scattered them to the wind.”

— Chris Alfano, Stereo Subversion

Squeeze Rock is the name and genre tag for the musical styles of Julian “Julz-A” Hintz. Squeeze Rock is an Accordion alternative; Julz-A sings and raps while playing the Squeeze Box.  Having twice brought legendary Apollo Theater audiences to their feet on national TV alongside Whoopi, Chingy and Ray Chew — first on Showtime at the Apollo and again on Amateur Night at the Apollo — The sound can be compared to such rapping artists as Beck, Outkast, Primus, and Rage Against The Machine.