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Squeeze Rock (the notorious solo project from Julz-A) is collaborating on many new projects.  Sign our email list to keep up with all the developments!

One of those projects is the intergalactic collaboration with Ian Sherman called TSELA.

Another project for all your Oktoberfest needs is BB And The Polkahaus, bringing new life to old German classics.

“Fingers fanned out at chest level, terry-cloth band on his wrist, leaning back slightly, [Julz A] strikes a classic rapper’s pose despite playing an instrument that has been relegated to Dorkville at least since the Beatles.”

– Andrew Adam Newman, New York Times

“Julz-A might best be characterized as a fringe artist who seamlessly combines his musical prowess with showmanship and an offbeat sense of humor…he has somehow taken my preconceived notions and scattered them to the wind.”

– Chris Alfano, Stereo Subversion

Squeeze Rock is the name and genre tag for the musical styles of Julian “Julz-A” Hintz. Squeeze Rock is an Accordion alternative; Julz-A sings and raps while playing the Squeeze Box.  Having twice brought legendary Apollo Theater audiences to their feet on national TV alongside Whoopi, Chingy and Ray Chew — first on Showtime at the Apollo and again on Amateur Night at the Apollo — The sound can be compared to such rapping artists as Beck, Outkast, Primus, and Rage Against The Machine.

Julz-A uses the accordion as a central figure in the rock riffs of his songs.  The Squeeze Rock sound is fundamentally alternative rock music with influences ranging from Hip-Hop to Western Classical music, while even leaving room for the world music of the instrument. Squeeze Rock pushes the envelope in how we hear melodic guitar-driven music, Julz-A displays an unmistakable and unusual character with the accordion.  The presentation is simple and rooted in the pop sounds of the current century, but the use of accordion pushes this eclectic sound into the unique realm that only Squeeze Rock can dwell.