Accordions Around the World in Bryant Park

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Take a cross-cultural musical journey – from France to Colombia, from the Balkans to Louisiana, from Cumbia to Jazz, and more – with accordions, harmoniums, concertinas, and bandoneons.

Accordionists play throughout the park at 5pm, and at 6pm, a band with a different infectious, global beat performs each week on the Fountain Terrace.

Produced in collaboration with Ariana’s List.

Accordionists, 5-6pm
Eva Salina, Balkan ballads
Gregorio Uribe, Colombian cumbia and vallenato
Gregory Grene, Celtic roots funk
Julz-A (from Squeeze Rock), alternative, rock, zydeco
Mary Spencer Knapp (Toot Sweet), 1960s rock and soul, pop
Robert Duncan, French musette, Argentinian tango, classical

Band, 6-7:15pm
Los Chantas

Influenced by great Argentine tango tradition, from the guardia vieja to the present, this multinational tango ensemble (the name comes from an old Lunfardo term for characters up to no good) has played in milongas, clubs, and theaters around NYC since 2002.

Los Chantas musicians:
David Hodges, bandoneón
Emilio Teubal, piano
Sergio Reyes, violin
Pedro Giraudo, double bass


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